jQuery 'gpopover' Plugin

A simple jQuery plugin for creating popover elements similar to Google's apps launcher/switcher.


Click the buttons below to see examples.

What a nice popover

You can put anything you like into a popover: it could be a menu or just some extra supplementary content, whatever works for you.

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Custom Options

This popover has some custom options set:

    width: 400,
    preventHide: true,
    onShow: function() {
        if (console && console.log)
            console.log("Popover shown.");
    onHide: function() {
        if (console && console.log)
            console.log("Popover hidden.");

The popover will ensure that it is kept within the viewport where possible and that the arrow at the top always points to the element which triggered it. These buttons are intentionally positioned near the left and right of the viewport to demonstrate this.

Learn more and use

Check out the readme for full details of how to use and configure the plugin.